Bay Head, NJ

As someone who’s never been to the Jersey Shore before, I had visions of tattoo parlors and tanning beds, boardwalks filled with ferris wheels and deep fried oreos. However, as I pulled into Bay Head, I was completely blindsided by how much the beach town resembled my own childhood summers in Fair Harbor. Besides the cars on the main street, the small streets were busy with kids riding bikes barefoot and adults trying to keep up. As I pulled into Meg’s driveway, I looked through the screen door straight onto the bay. The breeze kept the air light and refreshing, while the sun strong enough to scorch my pale skin within a matter of minutes.

As we sat in her kitchen catching up, I managed to find a box of the famous Mueller’s Bakery (that Meg has raved about) leftover from that morning and had a taste of crumb cake -- bringing me right back to morning's spent at Unfriendly's on the Fair Harbor dock. Almost immediately after, I changed into my bathing suit and we headed down to her newly redone yacht club, which was completely demolished by Hurricane Sandy. While most of us haven’t thought about Sandy in a few years, I was amazed and saddened by how frequently residents still referred to the super storm.

At the Yacht Club Meg introduced me to a few cousins and old time friends -- soon enough I couldn’t tell the difference between who was blood family and who was “friend” family. After they’ve spent every summer of their lives together, they blended seamlessly together and I found myself constantly losing track between “real” aunts and “mom’s best friend” aunt. I don’t think we made it a single block on our bikes without Meg saying “Hi” to at least two people.

With the day ticking away, we held a trunk show at Meg’s house from 3-5p. As people piled in, we heard great feedback from new customers -- many of whom were eager to give us their Email addresses in effort stay in the Fair Harbor loop. Our merchandise is in their local yacht club store, so we were excited to personally introduce Fair Harbor into the town of Bay Head.

Overall, the trunk show was a success and it was awesome to see people rocking their Fair Harbor suits and tees the next day on the beach. On Sunday we did some personal exchanges via bicycle for different sizes and those who wanted to purchase more products -- once again feeling just like FH.

Saturday night was a classic BBQ on the bay, filled with chips, salsa and burgers. As the sun disappeared to the left of Meg’s house, the sunset was probably one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen. I will definitely be making it back out to Bay Head soon -- sorry Meg, I’m inviting myself over.

Besides Mueller’s Bakery, another food spot to hit is Playa Bowls. While you might feel like a trendy fifteen year old girl, it’s worth it. The frozen blended fruit bowls are the perfect lunch to cool you off from the sun. My order was an Ocean Ave (Kale blend topped with banana, granola, and honey) BUT with peanut butter instead of honey. Boom. It was pretty fire.

Sea's the Day!
Written by: Caroline Danehy

caroline danehy