Clutch - Larchmont & Rye

Last week Clutch was kind enough to welcome us into their shops in Larchmont and Rye, NY. We divided and conquered—Caroline and Meg covered home turf in Larchmont, and Jake and I ventured ten minutes down the road in Rye.

Honestly, it was a special day. Even though the towns are neighboring, we met so many people who had never heard of our brand but were genuinely interested in our products, story, and mission to reduce plastic waste in our oceans. I was blown away by the support and happy to see so many wives, sons, daughters, and parents leave the shop with Fair Harbor Father’s Day gifts. I’m happy to report that we drastically expanded our #dadbod demographic this Father’s Day season.

As a brand, we strive to offer a product that is sustainably manufactured but with the highest quality and craftsmanship that stands alone even without knowing our story. It was so rewarding to hear customers exclaim how much they liked our designs, fabric, and colors before they even heard about what makes us truly unique: our manufacturing process.  

Just an hour from the Fire Island ferry in Larchmont, we spoke with several people who had actually spent summers on the island and developed their own personal connection with the Fair Harbor lifestyle over the years. Talking about our shared experiences like watching movies at the Fair Harbor fire house and eating ice cream at Unfriendly’s really brought our brand full circle.

We are so grateful to Abby and Marsha for welcoming us into their store last week. The personal interactions that we had with customers made our experience there extremely memorable and we can’t wait to be back in the future.

Seas the day!
Written by: Clark Perkins and Caroline Danehy

caroline danehy