116 King

This past weekend, Caroline and I made the 5 hour trek down to Old Town of Alexandria, VA for a trunk show at 116 King. Located on the main street of the waterfront town just outside of Washington, DC, we explored the summer oasis that felt like a cross between Nantucket and Boston. 116 King is a seasonal pop-up store that featured 35 different emerging brands from March to September, and we are stoked to have our gear there all season!

Both Friday and Saturday we were at the store selling Fair Harbor and sharing our mission with everyone that came in. With three ice cream shops surrounding the store, there was a lot of foot traffic and we really enjoyed getting to know the people who stopped by. Many connected with the FH lifestyle and were intrigued to hear more about us.

One person that we met, Martin, really connected with Fair Harbor because of his focus on wellness in his everyday life. He is currently working on a fitness AND wellness tracker, called HELO. We loved hearing about how this innovative monitor tracks much more than your average Fitbit. Besides one’s daily fitness goals, it also takes into account one’s blood pressure and heart beat. It can even send alerts to a loved one in case of emergencies with coordinates of where you are. For more information click here.

All in all the trip was a success and an awesome first experience in Alexandria. Met up with some old friends, ate some great dockside seafood at Vola’s (order a side of Old Bay fries), and spread the FH word. If you ever have the chance to go to Old Town, take it! You definitely won’t regret it.

Sea's the Day!
Written by: Meg Vreeland


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