The Coconut Craze

Whether it’s frozen pops, cocktails, currys or boardshorts, we’re finding all sorts of ways to incorporate coconuts into our summer plan. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite recipes that highlight the use of coconuts. So grab a pair of our new anchor shorts or rockaway shorts, made from upcycled coconuts fibers and recycled plastic bottles, and whip up a few recipes, so you can really maximize on this coconut trend.

Lemongrass and Coconut Curry with Summer Vegetables

Thai is one of my personal favorite food cuisines and can seem daunting to make. However, the dishes are extremely flavorful and most of the time easier than you think. Especially with this recipe, it’s a matter of throwing ingredients into a pot and letting it simmer. So next time you’re looking for a break from the BBQ, reach for this recipe and pair it with some Coconut Vegetable Slaw for a light, crunchy side.

Coconut Gin and Tonics

For a refreshing beach-side drink, mix a bit of coconut water into your next gin and tonic for some summer flavor. With just the right amount punch, it will taste like you’re in Montauk on a Saturday night -- even if you’re in your non-air conditioned Manhattan apartment on a Monday night. Sometimes you just have to fake it ‘til you make it…

Pineapple Coconut Ice Pops

We spend most of winter complaining about the freezing weather, and suddenly find ourselves dreading the sticky, hot New York air. For those days you just can’t seem to get cool, prepare some of these ice-pops for mid-afternoon pick me up. This recipe has just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Coconut Cake

This recipe recap wouldn’t be complete without featuring a coconut cake recipe. My go-to dessert, and yearly birthday cake, is always our local bakery’s fresh and fluffy coconut cake -- I can taste it just thinking about it. However, this recipe comes pretty close to my childhood favorite and is the one I use when out of town. Definitely worth a try!

Written by Caroline Danehy

caroline danehy