I Scream, You Scream: Fair Harbor's Favorite Ice Cream

We LOVE food here at Fair Harbor -- often finding our conversations revolving around it -- and love dessert even more. We’ve compiled our top five favorite ice creams that remind us of summer and where to find them, so you too can try them out for yourself this summer.

Halo Top - Dairy Free - Birthday Cake


Summer is upon us, and with summer comes endless days in the sun...in a bathing suit of course. For those of you working hard to keep your bodies bikini ready, or trying to tone up your “dad bod”, Halo Top is the ice cream for you. For a low calorie, vegan, and gluten free version of the classic summer dessert, reach for a pint of Halo Top and a spoon. This guilt-free version can be found online, or at Whole Foods Market in the dairy free frozen section. We chose Birthday Cake for our list, but they have over 20 different flavors, both dairy free and regular, all under 400 calories per pint.

Talenti - Sea Salt Caramel


This melt in your mouth italian ice cream is another supermarket find that you don’t want to miss. The sea salt caramel flavor, our personal favorite, has a rich caramel base with small pieces of caramel filled chocolate. All of Talenti’s ice cream is sold in plastic containers with screw tops, so when you’ve downed the pint, you can wash out the container and use it to hold leftovers and salad fixings, giving you a sustainable way to enjoy your ice cream!

Ben and Jerry’s - Phish Food


As little kids, we couldn’t have enough of this chocolate ice-cream with fudgy fish bites, caramel swirl and marshmallow fluff. One bit of this ice-cream still brings us back to those hot summer nights in Fair Harbor. Good thing Ben and Jerry’s is available in most grocery stores, because this is our family’s favorite go-to flavor.

Longfords - Mint Oreo Bomb & Mud Pie

IMG_0287 2.jpeg

When it comes to Longford’s ice cream, we had a hard time picking just one flavor, so we narrowed it down to our top two. Longford’s Homemade Mint Oreo Bomb, and Longford’s Homemade Mud Pie made the cut. Longfords is local, homemade ice cream based in Westchester. They have their own shops in Rye and Larchmont, NY but make all of their ice creams fresh, in small batches in CT. Unfriendlys, Fair Harbor’s own local ice cream shop, is one of the many providers of Longford’s delicious sweet treat.

Van Leeuwen (vegan) - Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 3.40.14 PM.png

Van Leeuwen is a New York based, artisanal ice cream shop that started as a single, yellow ice cream truck and now has expanded to hundreds of shops and wholesalers around the country. All of their ice cream is home made in Brooklyn, NY. Our favorite pint is the peanut butter marshmallow crunch, which is rich, creamy, and filling, and fits many different dietary restrictions.

Written by: Lucy Alderson-Smith

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