Vegetable Pasta

I can never say I’m the healthiest guy in the room, but when I’m trying to eat a bit cleaner and looking for a way to fulfill my craving for pasta, I always open the cabinet and reach for my spiralizer; a nifty kitchen device that cuts vegetables into the shape of long noodles or spaghetti. While replacing a bowl of spaghetti with a bowl of vegetables seems like a sin, the feeling of betrayal diminishes each and every time.  As my taste for mildly healthier meals has evolved, I and many other has discovered incredible ways to put a spiralizer to work. I put together some of my favorite recipes below, so you can give it a shot too.


If you don’t have a spiralizer and these mouthwatering recipes haven’t caused you to run to the store to buy your own, here is the link to the best one:


Happy veggies and remember that a bowl of zoodles (zucchini noodles) can have more than 10 times less calories and carbs than your traditional bowl of spaghetti.


Seas the day!

Written by, John Baker

caroline danehy