Weekly BBQ: Chapter 6 *Farmers Market Edition*

Summer warmth means that local produce is at it's peak this time of the year in the North East. From June until September farmers markets are overflowing with a whole variety of fresh fruit and vegetables for you to choose from. While during the week ordering in sushi or picking up deli sandwiches from the place on the corner might be the most convenient, take some time out of the upcoming weekend to venture to your town's farmers market and support the local farmers. Whether it's grilling a few ears of corn or deciding to whip up an entire fresh plum crisp, just the smallest amount of fresh foods makes all the difference. Trust me, you'll put your buddy's gooey potato salad from Stop & Shop to shame in a matter of seconds with one of these recipes. There's nothing wrong with a classic caprese salad, but be a little adventurous and expand your palette a little out of its comfort zone for this week's barbecue. 

For a complete list of in-season produce click here

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Written by: Caroline Danehy

caroline danehy