Recipe Recap: Gingered Salmon with Grilled Corn & Watercress Salad

While browsing around yesterday I came across a salmon recipe that I couldn’t pass up. Within a matter of minutes I had my grocery list set and set it aside for when I went out for my self-designated “lunch break”. Working from home definitely has it’s perks sometimes, like checking the fridge/pantry to see what ingredients I need for that night’s dinner.

Ever since I was six I haven’t eaten red meat (or pork and duck), basically just limiting my meat consumption to chicken and fish. When my family and I took a trip to Wyoming’s National Parks, it was the first time I connected the food on my plate to living, breathing animals. From that point on, I made the conscious decision to not eat meat -- until my parents intervened saying that I needed the protein for my growing bones and had to keep eating chicken and fish. Only six at that time, I didn’t really have a choice and so I caved. As a twenty year old now, I can’t imagine eating a burger or ordering a steak. Not only have I completely lost the taste for it, but the idea of eating it truly grosses me out. I’ve tried once or twice over the years (once at my professor’s house who had actually hunted the venison for his stew), and I couldn’t get passed the fleshy, bloody taste in my mouth. Not to gross you out -- but to give you a little insight into my altered pallet.


Over the years my Mom eventually got tired of making two separate dinners and now my family has mostly catered to my eating habits as well -- except for when we got out to dinner and my mom almost always orders red meat. She claims her body needs the extra iron. Whatever floats your boat, no judgement.

So, needless to say, I’m always looking for new fish and chicken recipes to spice things up a bit. While I love a nice roast chicken, it tends to get a bit boring if we have it more than once a week. Excited to try this new dish, I loaded my grocery cart with pickled ginger, ears of corn, bundles of watercress and fresh salmon from our local market.

In addition to the recipe, we added some grilled eggplant for a side dish. The meal was summer on a plate and I savored each bite. Between the homemade balsamic glaze and salmon lined with roasted ginger, to the sweet bite of corn and tartness from the watercress, everything balanced each other out and was so flavorful.

Serving four people, we used one large piece of salmon and I wish we followed recipe guidelines a bit closer regarding the individualized salmon skewers. It would have made flipping a bit easier and the crisped skin would have held intact. Also, I used three ears of corn instead of five, which was plenty!

As a recipe recap, by all means it was a success.This recipe will definitely become a Danehy Family dinner staple. 10/10 for sure I’d recommend.

Sea's the Day!
Written by: Caroline Danehy

*For a direct link to the recipe, click here.*

caroline danehy