Seabin Project

Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski have been around the ocean their entire lives. Whether it was scuba diving, paddle boarding, sailing, or traveling the globe surfing exotic destinations, the two have always had a special bond with the sea. When pollution started to affect their personal experiences in the water, they knew they couldn't just stand by and watch the problem grow. They owed so many of their fondest memories to the Ocean, and decided that this was their time to give back.

Pete came up with the idea to make a contraption that would safely clean his local marinas that had been filled with floating garbage for years. With the help of Andrew, who had a background in product design and boat building, the two eventually developed the “Seabin”.


The Seabin is basically a high-tech floating bucket that that sucks up pollutants like garbage and oil while filtering out the water. Seabins can be placed in the water of marinas, yacht clubs, ports and any other body of water with an accessible and calm environment.

Each Seabin catches around 3 lbs of floating debris per day, which amazingly comes out to over a half ton of debris per year, and also captures oil and detergent floating in the water. The product is even made from many recycled materials, as they are constantly trying to reduce their carbon footprint in every way possible.

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Sea's the day!

Written by: David Rabinowitz

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