As garbage piles up in our oceans around the world, many continue to come up with potential solutions to clean up these severely polluted waters. These clean-up efforts are vastly important, but unfortunately, they’re only one piece of the puzzle. The other part of the solution is reducing the act of polluting itself; stopping wasteful behaviors at their source so garbage never reaches the ocean in the first place. 

One of the largest culprits of ocean pollution is plastic bottles, particularity bottled water. Americans go through an astounding two million bottles of water every five minutes, most of which ends up in landfills and the ocean. (And 50% of all bottled water is just tap water anyway!)


This is why “Reefill”, an innovative business based out of New York, is leading the charge to put an end to this wasteful habit and eliminate bottled water altogether. “Reefill" is a cheap and easy alternative to bottled water, and plans to provide unlimited access to cold filtered tap water on the go, via their mobile app and water stations. You just find the nearest water refill station on their app, and then activate it via Bluetooth when you arrive. The app even shows you all of the bottles and money you save! They are already up and running in New York City, and things are going so well that they have plans to expand in the near future. We fully support their vision to eliminate plastic bottle waste from our lives and our oceans, and highly suggest checking the app out if you live in the New York area.


Check it out here!:


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Written by, David Rabinowitz


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