Clean Swell

Every year, millions of pounds of garbage enter our oceans, threatening wildlife, fisherman, and surfers alike. An issue of this scale sometimes seems too vast to tackle at the local level, and many people decide to simply “leave it to the scientists”. In reality though, despite how it may seem, local clean-up efforts are proving to be far more valuable than you may have thought. With the help of Ocean Conservancy’s “Clean Swell” app, you can now join the cause yourself, and see just how much of an impact these local initiatives are making in the fight against ocean pollution.

“Clean Swell” lets you effortlessly record each item of trash you collect, and then automatically uploads it to the Ocean Conservancy’s global ocean trash database. While it may sound simple, this culmination of information is incredibly helpful to the greater cause, as it creates a “global snapshot” of ocean trash, which provides researchers and policy-makers valuable data and insight to come up with larger solutions for the problem. The app is easy to use but can go a long way in the fight to clean our ocean’s, so we suggest you go and check it out!

caroline danehy