Pollution Threatens Bali Surf Scene

The Bali surf scene is one of the most famed in the world, but the islands growing pollution problem is putting the future of this legendary surf culture in jeopardy. Ocean and on-shore pollution has been a problem in Bali for some time now, but as the years progress, the problem continues to worsen. In the last few years, the pollution has simply gotten out of hand.

One of the main contributing factors to this pollution issue is the massive influx of tourism that has occurred in Bali over the last few years. More than three million people visited Bali last year, which is around an 11% increase since the year before; the more tourists who visit the more waste that is generated. Since the island's waste management services cannot support this new volume of waste that they're now dealing with, much of the garbage is now illegally disposed of and dumped in the ocean. 

This unprecedented amount of ocean waste has led to some serious issues for the local surfer’s. The scent alone can make surfing a very unpleasant experience, and many surfers report feeling “covered in oil” after a day out on the water. Legendary surfer Kelly Slater tweeted about the issue saying "If Bali doesn't #DoSomething serious about this pollution it'll be impossible to surf here in a few years. Worst I've ever seen”.

The local surfers have created a petition to urge the government to finally clean up the waters, and to keep the ocean clean in the future. Governor Pastika of Bali has pledged that if the petition gets 1 million signatures, he will help to minimize the use of plastic bags and help in efforts of solving this extreme population problem. It’s a lofty goal, but they are already on there way, with around 70,000 signatures and counting!

If you would like to help out in the fight to save Bali’s oceans, please add your signature to the petition:


Sea's the Day!
Written by David Rabinowitz

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