Norton Point X Fair Harbor

Norton Point X Fair Harbor Collaboration



In honor of World Ocean Day, we wanted to share with you our exciting collaboration with Norton Point. Three years ago we started Fair Harbor to keep plastic out of the oceans and create cool tangible products to expand our mission. Today, we are continuing to innovate and see our mission come into fruition.



At the beginning, we used Velcro to hold together the flies on our boardshorts because that was the norm and what we saw in the market. Unfortunately, we found out the hard way and realized that Velcro wore out over time, was unreliable and ultimately shortened the life of our boardshorts – everything against what we stood for. This was very frustrating for us because we wanted to keep plastic out of our environment, not create more waste. We needed our shorts to be durable enough to handle countless hours of salt exposure.

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After months of trial and error we came up with the new perfect solution to keep our fly closed and your package secured. We are stoked to announce that we have collaborated with our good friends over at Norton Point in order to make our buttons entirely out of recycled ocean plastic. We are the first company to ever incorporate hard ocean plastic into boardshorts. Our buttons are double tacked down with twill tape to ensure stability, durability and reliability.



Thanks to Norton Point’s Ocean Works initiative, we are able to remove plastic waste from the waters surrounding Haiti and make them into our functional buttons.

Courtesy @NortonPoint 

Courtesy @NortonPoint 

Norton Point and ourselves have the same mission of keeping our oceans clear and clean of plastic waste for many years to come. We pledge to keep innovating while using business to curate change and innovation within a traditionally polluting industry.

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Written by: Jake Danehy


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