Adventure Junky

Meet Adventure Junky: an app that promotes staying active, being competitive, and acting sustainably. Adventure Junky creates a network of people who enjoy a Fair Harbor-like lifestyle and allows them to share their newest adventure spots, compete to see who can use the least amount of harmful energy and tracks your adventure goals. The game awards more points to travelers with many trips, as well as sustainable trips, with the goal of creating a new standard for travel. With their “‘high’ on experience, ‘low’ on impact” adventure moto, Adventure Junky advocates for eco-friendly tourism.

This app is perfect for all types of adventurers; from surfers, snowboarders, hikers, to photographers, share your awesome shots of your journey and destination. Adventure Junky makes it easy to find new trips that other people have done before, commented on, and posted pictures of. But the best part is that the only adventures that appear on the app are low impact, sustainable trips. With millions of people traveling each year, Adventure Junky hopes to promote green travel. So grab a few buddies, your GoPro, and some Fair Harbor gear and Sea’s the Day.

Sea's the day!

Written by: Meg Vreeland

Photo courtesy of  Adventure Junky

Photo courtesy of Adventure Junky