Seven Sustainable Summer Tips

Summer means trying to stay (extra) hydrated in the heat and barbecuing with buddies. It’s playing a few too many rounds of beer pong and endless days at the beach. With spending time outdoors, the last thing most people want think about is doing dishes after a long workweek or spending beer money on organic, sustainably sourced foods when cheap hot dogs from Costco seem like a no-brainer. While we’re not saying to ditch the summertime classics, here are seven sustainable tips for the upcoming weeks.

  1. Have a black trash bag for garbage to send to the landfill and a blue bag for recycling. For a little extra beer money take over the cans to a local recycling center or grocery store. 

  2. Even though Fair Harbor swimwear dries within a matter of minutes, your beach towels don’t. There’s nothing worse than reaching into your bag the next day to find the damp towel at the bottom in a little ball. Instead of throwing it in the dryer overnight, drape it over your porch railing when you get back from the beach.

  3. When packing for the beach, make sure to use containers that you can use over and over again. This will also prevent your food from getting smushed. It’s a win-win situation.

  4. Instead of cranking the AC at night, open up the windows to let the summer breeze cool down your house.

  5. Try and use reusable plates/utensils for the meal and hand wash them when you're all done. BUT if the few 15 beers from the day are hitting you after the barbecue and all you want to do is throw everything out, at least purchase the recycled disposable plate/utensils from your local grocer. 

  6. Shop at the local farmer’s market for the night’s barbecue. Buy some fresh produce and bargain with the farmers to try swing a few deals.

  7. For the love of God don’t use a plastic water bottle. Purchase a resuable water bottle, like our Kleen Kantine, to keep you hydrated all summer long.

Sea's the day!

Written by: Caroline Danehy