Sustainable Gift Wrapping


Here’s a (not so) fun fact for you: every year half of the paper that’s used in the US is attributed to wrapping and decorating consumer products. That being said, while the holidays are a season of giving, it’s also the season of wrapping….wrapping everything. As soon as you unwrap a gift, which takes all of .5 seconds to do, that single-use wrapping paper then heads right to the landfill. Hate to break it to you, but wrapping paper is made not only from trees, but also synthetic dye and plastic lamination. So, with trying to be a little greener this December, here are a few tips to make the holiday season a bit less wasteful.

  1. Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper: There are plenty of sustainable gift wrapping options out there, such as FishLips and Green Field Paper Company. With this option, the gifts will still look and feel like they’ve been wrapped conventionally.

  2. Newspaper: If you still receive the newspaper, these pages are a perfect replacement for wrapping paper! Start saving your Sunday Funnies now so you’ll have plenty to choose from.  

  3. Old posters or maps: Perhaps the person that you are wrapping for has a favorite band that you happen to have an old poster of or they’re going on a road trip soon. This is a personal way to recycle some old pieces of paper you have lying around the house.

  4. Repurposed gift bags: We all have that cabinet in our basement that is bursting at the door with old gift bags from over the years. Make use out of that cabinet and use the old bags for gifting. Either break the bags apart to use for wrapping paper or just use them as a gift bag for a new gift.

  5. Kitchen towels or blankets (depending on the size): If you’re really feeling creative, or have weirdly shaped gifts, grab some kitchen towels or blankets and just tie the ends together. This one will probably take the quickest to do AND if someone gives you a hard time, just say it’s sustainable and they won’t have a counter argument.

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Written by Caroline Danehy


caroline danehy