Top 5 New England Surf Spots

Top 5 New England Surf Spots

When thinking about New England, surfing isn’t typically the first idea that comes to mind. Cold weather blinds the eye when it comes to searching for waves for most people. Those of us who have lived near the coast our entire lives know that New England can in fact produce perfect waves if the conditions line up. Dive in for our personal top 5 Surf Locations in New England.

5. Hampton Beach (NH)

Hampton Beach provides a consistent beach break that receives a lot of swell. While it is usually very crowded, the entire stretch of beach has clean peaks and you will find both rights and lefts. Beginner → Advanced

4. Marconi Beach (Cape Cod, MA)

Marconi is also an exposed beach break that receives plenty of swell. This spot thrives with wind swells from the west. Much less crowded than the Hamptons. One must remember that it is in Cape Cod, so watch out for Sharks! Beginner → Advanced

3. Lighthouse (Point Judith, RI)

Photo courtesy of  Cate Brown Photography

Photo courtesy of Cate Brown Photography

This spot is a long scenic right hand point break that breaks over a predominantly rock bottom. Low tide can get very shallow and hollow. Point Judith is notorious for holding large surf well. Watch out for locals and rocks. Mostly Advanced Surfers.

2. Nantucket Sand Bars (MA)

South Beach State Park / Katama Beach in Edgartown. / Photo courtesy of  MassTravel

South Beach State Park / Katama Beach in Edgartown. / Photo courtesy of MassTravel

Nantucket is home to some of the best beach breaks on the east coast. Spread out across the south shore, 30 miles out from the cape, these beaches receive high amounts of swell. Hurricane season from August to October attracts world class surfers from all over the country. Watch out for rip tides and strong currents. Beginner → Advanced

1. Ruggles (Newport, RI)

When thinking of New England Surf, Ruggles is usually the first place that comes to mind. Located in historic Newport Rhode Island, this spot features a long drawn out right point break that can hold serious size. The rock bottom reef lines up a point providing very fun rides. If you are new to this spot, be sure to watch where the locals paddle out as it can be tricky to figure out. Watch out for rocks and localism. Advanced Surfers Only.

Written by Chase Holding

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