East Beast Weekly: Jenness Beach, Rye, New Hampshire

A typical New England surf spot with large winter swells and a sandy beach, Jenness Beach is New Hampshire’s northernmost and most famous surf spot of its mere 18 miles of coastline. While having the potential to get very crowded during the summer months (from ~10am to 4 pm, surfers must stay on either side of the flags while the lifeguards are there), the mile long stretch yields rights and lefts up and down the beach, so you and your buddies don’t need to crowd a single break. While known for its longboarding, shortboards, and fun boards work here as well, and the waves can sustain their shape until about 6-7ft before crumbling. This break is a favorite of locals/ people in the know who venture into the water during the months leading into winter - hurricane season - as the waves get bigger and stronger. A great place for all skill levels, Jenness Beach is definitely a spot to check out if you want to say that you’ve surfed the best in the east!

Beach Parking?

  • Metered parking in main lot, free roadside (yearly)


Sea's the day!

Written by: Will Holding


caroline danehy