East Beast Weekly: 2nd Beach, Newport, RI

Also known as Sachuest Beach, 2nd beach is one of the most popular surf spots in Newport, RI, and certainly even New England. I have packed up my car and traveled the hour down to Newport to catch a big swell a number of times and only rarely have been disappointed. This bay faces south-west, which catches any and all swell from that direction, and is definitely capable of handling a bit of size. 2nd is known for the pretty sheer cliff on the west side of the bay, which provides some shelter and provides an awesome channel in which to paddle out into the lineup. Though known more for the right that breaks off the side of that cliff, waves can form up in a number of locations, like any beach break, and will break right or left. When firing, that right off the wall is definitely your best bet for a long ride, and also The Dumps, a sheltered left point break on the eastern side of the beach, begins to take shape. A great spot with an interesting mix of locals, students (my brother went to the boarding school St. Georges, which you can see from the beach), and visitors, the vibe on 2nd beach is always very relaxed. As is the case everywhere in the east, this wave really picks up from September onward into the winter. Not many prettier spots than 2nd beach – definitely check it out when you get the chance!


Beach parking?

·      Newly remade parking lot allows for easy parking most times right on the beach


Sea’s the Day!

caroline danehy