#wheresyourtown: Siasconset, Nantucket

Full of tiny wood-shingled cottages (all with names) and winding seashell paths, Siasconset, and Nantucket in general, is my favorite place in the entire world. I grew up in the waters of Nantucket’s south shore with my friends, our parents convinced we were more seal than human considering the amount of time we spent swimming, body surfing, and on a variety of different boards out in the water. 


When I was younger, as school came to a close in early June and the days warmed up, packing for the car for the summer began. The long ferry ride over only built my anticipation to strip off my shoes and run from our creaky old house down Bayberry Lane to the water, and then up to touch Sankaty Lighthouse. I spent every summer of my childhood racing my friends to tennis clinic on our bikes in the mornings after stopping at the ‘Sconset Market for a sticky bun or coffee cake, or possibly a donut from the Casino. Then as clinic ended, my brother and I biked home to find my parents packing the old Ford Explorer with beach gear and we would go down winding dirt roads to our favorite beach on the south shore, Madequecham. We would form a line on the beach, my parents and their friends setting up a row of beach chairs to sit and talk in the shade of their umbrellas while the kids laid out towels behind them on top of the hot sand. If the waves were good, I could spend hours at a time out on my surfboard with my brother. The best days were when everyone hopped on a board (or just body surfed) and got out in the water together.

I am unbelievably lucky to have become a part of such an amazing community. Every time I ride the ferry home, I can’t wait to return to my happy place; with outdoor showers, unlocked doors, warm sand, great ice cream, and incredible people. Nantucket is a community unlike anything I have ever experienced, and the time we spend not seeing one another during the winter months does nothing to erode how close we all are.

Fun Fact: on New Year’s Day, my little town of ‘Sconset, on the eastern side of the island of Nantucket, is the first place in the entire United States that one can see the sunrise.

The Fair Harbor Crew will be out in Nantucket this weekend! Make sure to stop by Bartlett Farms for the Nantucket Yoga Festival on Saturday or Sunday. See you there!

Sea's the Day!
Written by: Will Holding

caroline danehy