FH in Nantucket Recap

Every summer, the Fair Harbor crew makes its way to many beach towns along the East Coast, and this past weekend was Nantucket’s turn - my favorite place in the world. After some family time and the craziness that is the days surrounding the 4th of July, I was really looking forward to welcoming Jake, Jon, and Jon’s wife Dominique to the island for the weekend and to promote the brand. On Thursday night, after Jake loaded the bags full of boardshorts and more into the car, we all went out to a classic Nantucket dinner at the old sailor’s tavern, the Brotherhood of Thieves. After the 7 mile drive to my little town of Siasconset, we finished off the night at the bar of a great local restaurant called The Summerhouse.


Friday, unfortunately, was a total washout. We had planned to set up a table outside the Nantucket Surf Club (which has our product and is our pioneer shop on Nantucket) in Town, but the rain prevented that. Luckily, I managed to get word out that we would be having a trunk show at my house, and the whole town showed up (the Nantucket community had already heard about Fair Harbor through me or more likely my mom). Everyone loved the gear!

While the show at my house was sweet, our real purpose on the island was the Nantucket Yoga Festival from Saturday to Sunday. Every year, Bartlett’s Farm on Nantucket hosts a yoga festival that turns out large crowds of yogis from all over the world and we were excited to return back for our second year. The vendor’s tent is awesome, full of companies that have great back stories and sustainable backgrounds. In our down time, my favorite thing to do was to look around at all of the incredible stuff being marketed around our booth and meet all of the people behind the different brands. The yoga festival was a great success, and we nearly sold out of everything that we brought! Overall, a great weekend with great people and an awesome company that we are lucky enough to be a part of. Fair Harbor is on the map!

Sea's the Day!
Written by: Will Holding

caroline danehy