East Beast Weekly: Ruggles and Manasquan

Ruggles, Newport, RI

Beach Parking?

  • A pain; considering all of the land along the water is private property, parking can be tough, especially in the summer. Side streets are your best bet.

When one hears about Newport, Rhode Island, the first thing that typically comes to mind are the incredibly lavish summer mansions that dot the coastline, including one owned by some people named Vanderbilt. However, for an east coast surfer, the name Newport also conjures images of rocky point breaks, grey cliffs, and nicely shaped rolling waves. Second Beach is the typical surf area for most of Newport, but the best spot in town is called Ruggles, looking up at some of the historic mansions. Ruggles is divided into 3 areas, named The Point, Stupid Spot, and Around the Corner, though the famous spot is The Point. With no beach at all to speak of, this wave breaks due to an exposed reef and a rocky point, pretty far out to sea; this right point break is not for the faint of heart and certainly not for beginners. However, there seems to always be swell and it is a rare place where the waves will open up into some sizable barrels. Definitely a spot to check off your list on your quest to conquer all the east coast spots. Get out there and grab some rail!

Manasquan Inlet, NJ


  • Winter has free roadside, summer is metered. This spot is always packed unless it is huge, so be prepared for crowds

Regarded as the best wave in Jersey, the sandbars, the deep water leading to the inlet nearby, and the big jetty lining said inlet produce big, heavy, barreling waves that would make any surfer drool. This spot can get very crowded, and most of the surfers who show up are experienced and devoted to this spot (a.k.a. quite territorial). However, respect the rules, surf defensively and you should be totally fine. This jetty-formed right will handle any size swell the Atlantic can throw at it, and though it is a beach break, during massive conditions you can paddle out the inlet to avoid getting clobbered. This wave is known to be fast, and the water is also cold and choppy, so definitely pack your wetsuit. A great wave with consistent swell and a sandy bottom, Manasquan should definitely make the cut on a list of the East Coast’s best spots. What. A. Beast.

Sea’s the Day!
Written by: Will Holding

caroline danehy