#whereisyourtown: Larchmont, NY

Just far enough from Manhattan to feel secluded from the concrete jungle, yet close enough for commuters to hop on a 30 minute train for work, Larchmont is a suburb outside of New York City that our family has called home for the past twenty something years. Between local coffee shops that greet you by your first name and farmer market encounters on Saturday mornings, Larchmont’s special sense of community ties the town together and makes college students eager to return home. During every school break, I have a specific check list to accomplish, to make sure I had the full “home experience”; lunch at Stanz, a homemade meal (usually consisting of Salmon, lentils and brussel sprouts), walk down to manor park with my mom and dog...and the list goes on. Whether it’s the food, the people, the familiarity of driving past the large rock in the road towards my house, exit 17 on Hutch is home.

Growing up, most Sundays in Larchmont included taking a six minute drive across town towards Long Island Sound and walking along Manor Park. During the summer months the water breeze offered a breath of fresh air from the hot, steady humidity and throughout the winter the sun reflecting off of the water allowed us to feel a little sunshine. Manor Park allows us to pretend like we were closer to the equator than in actuality. I couldn’t imagine living somewhere without water. There’s something incredibly relaxing about just being in its presence -- the calm sound of the waves crashing against the rocks, watching the sun glisten on the tops of the waves. Whether it’s the Long Island Sound at Manor Park or the Atlantic at Fair Harbor, I feel the most at ease when I’m on a coast.

Even though school was only a four hour drive northwest, being away has really made me realize how unique Larchmont is and how close I feel to the town. It made me savor those cajun chicken salads from Stanz, family summer barbecues on my home porch, walks around Manor Park with my mom and dog. Good plates, good people and a good place.

Sea's the day!

Written by: Caroline Danehy

caroline danehy