Grub Spots: Lobster Roll

It's safe to say that we're a fish family. Growing up, the beginning of summer was always commenced with a lobster roll from Ebb Tide, a run down little fishing shack in Port Chester, New York. Years later my mouth still waters when thinking back to those summer nights spent on their dock dipping freshly grilled garlic ciabatta bread into the salty white wine clam broth. Ebb Tide closed a few years ago and since then, I’ve still been on the search for a lobster roll that compares. Not a mayo fan myself, some tend to be too goopy, roll too mushy and too many fillers. For us, the best kind of place is the rustic bungalows on the water serving up the freshest New England style lobster salad on a crispy buttery roll. Hit some beach towns with your buddies, grab some grub and enjoy the fresh breeze while biting into summer.

Red’s Eats: Wiscasset, Maine

This iconic red shack serves up about a pound of lobster meat in each toasted bun. While some claim that they have the “best lobster roll on the planet”, at $12 a pop they don’t come cheap but it’ll be worth it. More than a whole lobster gets piled onto a buttered bun with plenty of claw and tail meat, option for some melted butter and/or mayo on the side, and that’s it – nothing else, no bullshit.

Beach Plum: Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Depending on your degree of hunger the Beach Plum has lobster rolls ranging from 6, 8 or 10 ounces of lobster. If you’re really feeling those hanger pains and are up to a challenge, there are also foot-long rolls that come with 12, 16 or 20 ounces. Served on “premium hard shell” (also known as a tasted hot dog bun), the lobster is fresh and will definitely satisfy your craving. 

Lobster Joint: Greenpoint, New York

Located in the backyard of Fair Harbor Headquarters, the Lobster Joint has all the essential summer grub in the heart of Brooklyn. Whether you’re finishing up a surf session in Rockaway or looking to escape the summer heat in the city, make sure to stop by this spot for a fresh lobster roll. If you’re trying to get that dad bod in swimsuit shape, paleo, or just watching the carbs, there’s also the option to sub the bread for Bibb lettuce.

The Lobster Pool: Rockport, Massachusetts

Outstanding seafood. View over the ocean. Red picnic tables. The Lobster Pool is a win – win – win situation for those seafood lovers in Rockport, Massachusetts. Located right on the coast, this is the ultimate summer spot to soak in the beautiful view and have a roll packed with fresh lobster meat.

Lobster Landing: Clinton, Connecticut

This 100-year old lobster weathered lobster is naturally nestled right between a marina shack and tackle shop, looking directly over the Long Island Sound. With lobster caught every day by up to eight boats on the Sound, the Lobster Landing serves up the freshest of lobster in a charred grinder roll wrapped in foil.   

The Raw Bar: Mashpee, Massachusetts

If you’ve saved up some extra cash and looking to treat yourself, this $28 lobster roll is expensive but you will definitely get what you’re paying for. This local hangout piles the lobster onto each bun for a massive meal. 

The Sea Basket: Wiscasset, Maine

If you’re looking for a soupy side to go along with your lobster roll, this is the ultimate roadside café to satisfy both needs. The Sea Basket serves up the best lobster stew around – and make sure to grab a whoopee pie on your way out!

Sea's the Day!

Written by: Caroline Danehy