For the Non-Tourist Tourist

If you’re like us, we try to convince ourselves that we aren’t anything like those obnoxious Americans who stick out like a sore thumb when traveling abroad. However, it’s pretty apparent as soon as we step into a room or open up our mouths; the more Americans, East Coasters or New Yorkers there are in a place, the less appealing the spot seems to be. We like to think that we are different than others, and we scavenge out authentic, raw places. However, by the time we plan our trip and actually get there, it feels like we hardly carved any unique path at all. We don’t travel abroad that often, so we have to make those trips count. Here are a few spots that aren’t covered in Marriotts and white New Balance sneakers -- for right now at least.

Baja California (Mexico)

Located on the world’s second longest peninsula, this spot borders the United States and isn’t too far from a California West Coast road trip. The views are beautiful, people are friendly and laid back, and surfing is awesome. Those who aren’t into surfing can hit up the sherbert-colored canyons or just drive through the villages. Make sure to visit the bay of Balandra, which looks out into the Sea of Cortez. This spot has impeccably blue water and the water only reaches a little above waist level for much of the bay, so you can walk extremely far out as sting rays harmlessly kick sand around the bottom of the bay.


The Yukon (Canada)

Home to the highest peak in Canada, the Yukon is wild, filled with mountains and far more animals than humans. Hardly touched by the human footprint, this raw adventure seeking land will have you completely unwind in a matter of minutes while strolling through the Kluane National Park. Cycle, hike or kayak around the Whitehorse river for the best views of Yukon. What more could you want for a total escape?

Lofoten Islands (Norway)

With small villages off the beaten track, viewpoints of the northern lights, impeccable natural scenery of sharp peaks, this natural wonder of the world is definitely on our lists. Those brave enough to endure the brisk waters, strap on your booties and hoodie along with your wetsuit and hit the waves. Famous french photographer did a spectacular sequence of surfers in the extreme but beautiful environment. Check them out here!

Tellaro (Italy)

This small, quaint fishing village often gets overlooked by people traveling around Europe. While it won’t take you too long to make yourself at home, this seaside village is perched on the east coast in Northern Italy. The beaches are isolate, water is blue, seafood is incredibly fresh and waves are calm.

Sea's the day!

Written by: Caroline Danehy