"Class of 2018" Intern Crew

Get To Know Fair Harbor’s “Class of 2018” Intern Crew:

We asked this years interns a few questions about life at Fair Harbor Headquarters at our BBQ last Friday, here’s what they told us…

Will: When did you first hear about Fair Harbor, how long have you been a part of the team and what has been your most rewarding experience while working at FH?


I first heard about Fair Harbor at the beginning of my freshman year of Colgate. I was so impressed I asked Caroline to lunch to talk about her vision and mission. Two years later, I stumbled upon the FH internship opportunity and immediately applied. Now, in my second summer, I again get to work with the company and people I respect. The most rewarding part of my time here has been the opportunity to watch this small enterprise grow from a start up to a thriving business without losing any of the original passion and drive that motivated Jake and Caroline to start a company in the first place.

Jack: What’s your favorite piece in the collection and how do you wear it?

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 5.05.29 PM.png

The Anchor short has to be my favorite piece from the FH collection because it is incredibly versatile in the way it is used. I can relax in them on the beach, get a nice workout at the gym, or hit a night on the town with friends while feeling great and looking slick in my Anchors!

Tati: How do you incorporate Fair Harbor’s message of sustainability and plastic free living in your everyday life?


Some people get super overwhelmed and think that in order to live sustainably they have to completely overhaul their lives, but I it's really easy to just make a few simple changes to the way you live. Personally, I try to limit  plastic as much as possible by bringing my own bags to the grocery store, filling up a reusable water bottle at the beginning of the day and bringing it with me to avoid having to buy plastic ones, bringing my own cup to Starbucks, and buying products that use more eco friendly packaging. I’ve even gotten my family on board with some of these little changes and they’re so happy to do it.

RJ: What has been your favorite part about working for FH so far?  

My favorite part of fair harbor is the team I’m working with. Everyone is super friendly and hardworking. All of us #seastheday everyday. Having an energetic team makes it easy to have a good time while also being diligent in the office.

Lucy: What was appealing to you about working for a startup company?  


I was immediately drawn to the idea of working for a startup company because of the unique, hands-on experience this kind of job would offer me. Thus far at Fair Harbor, each intern has been given a tremendous amount of responsibility, which allows for each of us to tackle projects and challenge ourselves with each new task we are given. This kind of work experience allows us to grow and learn many new skills, an invaluable asset that we would not gain from a larger and more established company.

Paige: As the younger sister of Jake and Caroline, you have witnessed Fair Harbors progress and success from the ground up. What have been some of the highlights of Fair Harbors growth for you, personally?


Being able to see how much Fair Harbor has changed, grown and achieved over just four years has been something that I feel so privileged to have witnessed. The passion that Jake and Caroline have for the company is truly inspiring. They have worked so hard to improve their practices to create the best product they can for customers. I have been able to learn so much from them and I am so proud of them everyday. I cannot wait to see what Fair Harbor will do in the coming years, and how successful they will be. #seastheday

Colleen:  As FH’s intern photographer, how do you capture the essence of Fair Harbor through the lens of your camera?

My aim is to really try and capture the endless-summer and sustainable lifestyle that Fair Harbor promotes through its products. I hope to share how the company goes beyond just great bathing suits and clothing by exposing genuine moments of people wearing the product in everyday life, whether it be a day at the beach or night in New York City.

Written by: Lucy Alderson-Smith 

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