Surfer Ramón Navarro

Ramón Navarro grew up in a small Chilean town called Punta de Lobos, an area that has a rich history of seaside life. People have lived by the ocean there for thousands of years, making a living off of it but also respecting it.

As a child, he used to help his father with his fishing business, which meant he was diving and swimming from very young age. Through this experience, Ramón became comfortable with the ocean, and as he got a little older, he decided to teach himself how to surf in the waves right outside his home. With almost no guidance and just one scrappy surfboard to his name, he overcame all odds and eventually became a premier international big wave surfer. The sacrifice and determination needed to pull this off coming from the area that he comes from is truly incredible.

Recently, Ramón’s hometown of Punta de Lobos has become severely threatened by developers, which has led him to become a committed environmental activist. With the help of non-profit called “Save the Waves” and an international community of surfers, he is aiming to preserve and protect Punta de Lobos’ unique coastline for both surfers and the local fishing community. Ramón notes that Punta de Lobos is “more than just a surf spot, the place is also home to a unique coastal ecosystem and traditional fishing community. The goals of the ongoing campaign are to safeguard biodiversity, protect surf resources, and preserve access for all.”

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Written by: David Rabinowitz

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