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We’ve collaborated with our longtime close friend and personal trainer, Mike Aidala, to create our new MAST boardshorts. Inspired by his own MAST Method, his training is a “multifaceted lifestyle method” aimed to give his clients a coaching program that is both holistic and physical. Mike sees the value in both mental and physical health, and he fully embodies the Fair Harbor lifestyle. As a modern day renaissance man, Mike has spent a period of time invested in most physical activities: collegiate football, surfing, yoga, Olympic weightlifting and many more. Check out his Instagram page for some pretty impressive content as well!

With that said, it is clear as to why Mike is a perfect partner in our new short. Built for performance, our MAST short is designed for anything life throws at you. Continuing our sustainable focus, Made from 50% recycled plastic bottles, 38% upcycled coconuts and 12% spandex, these shorts are flexible, durable, functional, and transitional. Whether it be surfing, playing spike ball, hitting the gym or going out to the bar, our MAST short has you covered.


How do you think physical and mental health are linked?

You can't have one without the other. I like to use the word wellness and the most important aspect of wellness comes from your mental health. That being said, many factors can play into your mental health such as; diet, stress, sleep, relationships etc. I love to use my body physically because 1. It's fun and 2 it allows me to grow in areas I didn't even know existed.

In the cold winter months, how do you connect back to the outdoors?

Dress warmer! haha. But seriously, I just moved to Colorado from San Diego and I love it here. The other day I biked 100 miles in the snow and then the following day climbed the local mountains. Connecting back to the outdoors in the winter just requires more preparation.

Since your lifestyle is so active, what qualities do you look for when buying a new pair of shorts?

CourtneyKimmey (1 of 1)-27.jpg

I need to have a short that I can move in and frankly don't really notice I'm wearing it. I never want my gear to take away from my active lifestyle only enhance it. The new MAST short is just this. It only has two zipper pockets for the essentials and is also made from recycled coconuts which all for a full range of motion and is great for the environment.

Where are some of the best travel destinations fitness has taken you?

Two come to mind right away. The first is Costa Rica for the surfing, jungle and endless warm weather ocean adventure. The second is the Austrian Alps. I used to live next to a glacier for 4 months there and it leads to some of the best outdoor experiences I have ever had. Some activities I loved while there were backcountry skiing, ice climbing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, biathlon, hiking, paragliding. Everything I can do that allows me to "use" my fitness.

How do you live a clean lifestyle?

I strive to live a clean lifestyle but looking at my life from a holistic approach. I break up my lifestyle into sections such as physical, spiritual, occupational, emotional health etc. then I work on having them as clean as possible. Diet is fairly straightforward, most people understand veggies are good and fried foods are bad. I take this another step where I am conscious of the music I listen to and its messaging. For example, angry hateful music, vs positive connected music. I believe that too much of negative stimulation can harm the body/mind/spirit just as much if not more than fast food. Another example is the companies I choose to support with my money, I love working with companies that give back and recycle like Fair Harbor. Keep It Clean Baby!

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Interviewed by Caroline Danehy

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