Caroline Danehy

People: Growing up in Larchmont, New York, I live for the warmer months. I am the happiest when I’m outside with my family and close friends, barbecuing on warm summer nights or walking down to the water with my mom and dog, Maverick. Especially now that I attend Colgate in upstate New York, it’s always cloudy and cold so I definitely appreciate any bit of sunshine. For me, the simple things in life matter the most: good food and good people. Inheriting my mom’s sense of adventure, I’m eager to experience new cultures and cuisines.

Plates: Known as the “tree hugger” of my family, I made the decision not to eat red meat or pork when I was six during a trip to Wyoming. As I visited the national parks, I connected the food on my table to living, breathing animals. Fourteen years later -- my passion and awareness of food has only heightened. I love being in the kitchen with my mom and cooking fresh produce from the farmers market that day. I am a strong proponent of healthy living and eating – with some bowls of fresh pasta and chocolate custard ice cream cones for good measure.

Places: Located just along the Long Island Sound and only 15 miles north of New York City, Larchmont has access to both worlds: beach and city. As August rolled around each year, we hopped on a ferry to escape suburbia to Fire Island. Waking up, each day was an adventure in Fair Harbor. We had no plans and best of all – no parent supervision. On an island that small without any cars, it was pretty hard for our parents to lose us. They’d let us roam free and wild, eat as much ice cream as we wanted and jump off the lifeguard chairs at night under the moon.

Projects: I’m embarrassed to say that I get absurdly motion sick -- like I get sea sick while jumping over waves in the ocean. I’m not sure how this happens, but it does. So while I love paddleboarding and surfing, I leave the water sports to Jake.

I’ve been doing yoga since I was little and during my freshman year at Colgate I started to religiously practice. It became a place for me outside of my social life, classes, dining hall and dorm. So, last summer I decided to get my certification. Sure, I could easily do 200 hours in three months, right? While it wasn’t as easy as I imagined, it was definitely worth it.

Plastic: I try to live as clean as possible in all aspects. Whether it’s the food I consume, clothes I wear, energy I use – I strongly believe in using only what I need and nothing more. To me, Fair Harbor is so much more than a place but also a lifestyle. It’s about respecting the environment and doing your part to give back to it in whatever way you can. Enjoy simplicity and restore integrity.

caroline danehy