About Fair Harbor

We were born on the beach (almost literally), so naturally we love our planet and everything that it has to offer. Growing up in New York we were a beach family, every summer we would go out to Fair Harbor on Fire Island and live the simple life. There were clean beaches, no cars and the smell of salt water filled the air. As we grew older we started to notice more and more plastic waste in our waves.

This is the lifestyle blog of Fair Harbor Clothing. At Fair Harbor we make men's swimwear out of recycled plastic bottles to ensure that less plastic waste ends up on our shores.

At Fair Harbor we live by doing what we love to do: being present in the here and now and being aware of our impact on our environment. We make board shorts that are artfully and thoughtfully crafted out of plastic waste from the environment, while also being durable enough for anything that mother nature throws at you.  


-Jake, Caroline and the rest of the Fair Harbor Crew